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Tufnut Tamper Resistant 5/16-18″ Zinc


*Box of 100 pcs*

A uniquely shaped, tamper resistant, case hardened steel nut. Installed and removed with an open end or crescent wrench by a simple procedure by authorized persons possessing a second identical nut. Appropriate for GR2 or GR5 bolts.


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VCN225-5. In stock . / / / .


Truncated Pyramid Shape
Can’t be removed with normal hand tools.
Case Hardened Steel
High strength threads. Resists mutilation.
Zinc Yellow Chromate Plating
Excellent corrosion resistance.
Installed And Removed With Same Simple Method
Infinitely Reusable.
Tightness Is Determined By Installer
No pre-determined torque for breakoff.
Nuts Are Packed In Boxes Of 100
Better inventory control. Comes with two extra nuts for installation.