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LED Solar Wrong Way Sign R5-1a


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Municipalities & Contractors Sign-in for Special Pricing and Tax Rates



They are LED illuminated signs. They are operated by solar or AC
power and are designed to enhance the visibility of
highway signs in any weather conditions to increase
road safety. Any sign type (regulatory, warning,
construction, or school) can be a Sign Alert. All signs
are also MUTCD compliant.
They can utilize any one of our smart
controllers, the SPLasher or the CrossTalk, or a timing
module for 24/7 or custom functionality.
They can be paired with any
Add-Ons which can be activated to utilizing our High Water
Sensor, Motion Sensor, Push Button Sensor, Moisture
Sensor, Radar Sensor, or Key Fob remote.

The control box is aluminum fabricated and hinged at
the top to protect the batteries and the controller. Lower
height mounting hardware for easier access is available.
Our products incorporate a battery pack wired for
12V operation, depending on the requirements
of the design. The battery bank is regulated by
and protected by a solid-state charge controller/
low voltage disconnect. This prevents gassing
and over discharging of the batteries, which can
result in premature failure. A thermal compensation and
related circuitry adjusts the charge rate of the system with
variances in temperature.
During operation, keep the solar panel clean of
excessive dirt and debris by using soapy water or glass
cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge only. Periodically
check the integrity of wiring connections in the
junction box. Inspect for signs of damage to the solar
panel glass or frame.

Solar Stop Sign Alert, Solar Yield Sign Alert, Solar Wrong Way Sign Alert, and many more! Warning Lites can make any sign a Sign Alert Sign. If you don’t see a sign you need, contact our sales department for a product quote.

Additional information

Sign Dimension

30" x 18", 36" x 24", 42" x 30"

Reflective Sheeting


Anti Graffiti Overlay


Pick Amount of Lights

4 LED's, 8 LED's