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Warning Lites of Southern Illinois can provide your business with addition labor for select services.  We have experience in single and multi lane Interstate closures, complete Interstate closures with detour routes, road closures with custom detour routes, shoulder and median closures, work zone flagging, work zone monitoring, permanent sign installation, temporary striping and raised rumble strip installations.


Warning Lites of Southern Illinois’s flaggers bring professionalism and knowledge of safety that will keep your crews safe. We continuously invest in the training and teaching of our employees to ensure we are as safe as possible.


Our success starts with installation expertise that properly specs and plans simple to complex custom signing to ensure the job will meet all federal, state and local specifications. On signage projects, our sign shop will then manufacture top quality signage, meeting all appropriate MUTCD and local standards to be installed by our highly trained and experienced installation crews. Whether your needs are street, highway, parking lot, subdivision development, rail or private Warning Lites of Southern Illinois is your best choice for permanent and temporary sign and post installations.


Warning Lites of Southern Illinois offers high quality thermoplastic striping services. Thermoplastic striping is one of the most common types of road markings; heated to approximately 400 degrees, the thermoplastic material consists of pigments, binders and glass beads that form a durable, longer lasting product with nighttime visibility.

Thermoplastics have a long service life, good visibility, and good reflectivity and typical application include highways, bicycle lanes, and re-striping of existing markings.


We specialize in the installation of raised rumble strips.  Rumble strips are series of indented or raised elements on the shoulder or center line of roads & highways. They’re designed to alert inattentive drivers by vibrating the vehicle and making a distinctive “rumbling” noise. Over the years, several studies have shown that roads with rumble strips lower vehicle roll overs, serious injuries and death due to inattentive driving. These are just a few reasons why your road should be rumble stripped and we offer this service for you.


With more than 75 years of combined experience, our design team and sign specialists can handle any job regardless of size.